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J-W Eleveld

The first Fender Stratocaster I saw in the shopwindow of a music store many years ago  got stuck in my head and made me play and repair guitars. In 1988 I settled  as luthier / repair man and opened a guitar store in Venlo. I worked for artists like Rowwen Heze , the Heideroosjes , Dee Dee Ramone , Ilse de Lange's guitar player and I was a factory repairman for brands like Godin, Seagull ,  Corrt and  Danelectro . In 2003 I became the Qquality Control Manager at their, then newly established,  Gibson European Distribution Centre  in Vianen The Netherlands 

At that time I visited all the Gibson factories in The United States  and got the chance to work for artists like Oasis, The Cardigans , Beth Hart , Gem ,eo. After four years I left  Gibson and settled as an independent guitar maker / repaiman . During this time I started teaching guitar.

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