Guitar lessons

Guitar lessons

I give guitar lessons to all pupils from all ages and in different music styles.

Guitar lessons

One day you know for sure; you want to play guitar but how do I tackle this? You know a few people or friends who play guitar and they will get you started. You buy a book or check the internet for more information. And then you find that it is not that easy alltogether and you start looking for the right adress to show you the beginnings. Especially at the start it is important to have everything explained and taught in a right and clear way. As an able teacher I know the right and fun ways to keep you motivated. A relaxed environment is very important to keep you attending the lessons and maintain the fun in guitarplaying.

I teach students of all ages and usually start with a book which involves reading notes, a universal musical language and easy to learn. Depending on the age of the students lessons last 20 to 30 minutes.

I teach: 

- fingerpicking

- classical guitar

- singer-songwriter

- bass guitar

- slideguitar

About the guitar lessons

I teach people of different ages in different musical styles. With beginners I often start with a book, so reading music will be taught as well. This takes as much time and effort as learning to read tablature (a simpler way of writing down music) Depending on the students age lessons will last 20 to 30 minutes.
You can choose from:
- Classical guitar
- Singer/songwriter
- Slide/bottleneck
- Fingerpicjing
- Electric guitar 
- Bass guitar

Guitar lessons

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