Guitar repair

Guitar repair

The sound and playability I adjust to your needs

Guitar repair

From the moment I picked up guitar I was adjusting my instruments to improve playability and sound. Other guitarists asked me to take care of their guitars too so my clientele grew. After 35 years of repair experience, 15 years of guitarstore and 4 ½ years of working for Gibson as Quality Control Manager I can truly say that I know what I am talking about. All of this experience is available to those who want to improve their instrument; all based on passion for the guitar.
Through my interest in the beginnings and development of the guitar I gained much experience on vintage guitars but I’m fully up to date on the latest developments as well. 

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Let your guitar repair

When you bring your guitar we first have a look at the instrument, I give my view on the repair or adjustments and we discuss the possibilities. After that I give an optional price quotation and it is decided wether or not to proceed with the repair. I stopped providing price quotations through telephone or email ‘cause it proved unworkable. It’s impossible to get a decent picture of a repair through phone or email. I do have a number of fixed prices for standard repairs but these are always with reservation

Guitar repair

Personal contact

To me personal contact is very important ‘cause it is all about musical instruments, about emotions


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