Guitar workshops

Guitar workshops

A guitar workshop is a great opportunity to ask questions and express doubts.

Guitar workshops

Because of the internet everybody thinks that information on guitars is readily available. In reality all this information is so divers that you need an experienced guide to filter out what is true and what is not. There’s no business so full of rumours and hear-say as the music business self proclaimed ‘experts’.

Fortunately the level of knowledge of musicians has grown but the need for objective information remains. A guitar workshop is an excellent opportunity to ask questions. Sometimes that will lead to disappointments when it comes to the value of instruments, but most workshop attendants experience an 'aha' moment.

I have given workshops at different places, such as:

- at home

- rehearsal studios

- music stores

- youth centres


Content, form and price to be discussed.




For who and where is the guitar workshop is possible

These workshops are meant for those who want to know more about guitars, guitarconstruction, sound, effects, repairs, customizing, etc.
I’ve done workshops in different places
- Private
- Music stores
- Youth centres

Content, shape and prices to be discussed.

Guitar workshops

A guitar workshop tailored

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