A guitar that fits you perfectly


So you’re a guitar or bass player, making music for years and many instruments have passed your hands and still you haven’t found what you’re looking for; that special guitar that carries your name. Or you have a dream guitar in your head but never found it; then I’m the right man for you. Together we’ll start the search for that special guitar you envision. It will not be an easy road because you’ll be asked questions you’ve never thought about; questions about inlay, colour, woods, fret size, neck dimensions, etc. My background and experience will lead you through this minefield and will have your dream guitar come true.

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A custom made guitar

Knowledge of materials is what it is all about. Not just of the used woods but of all parts (finish, hardware, etc.) that together make the instrument because the character of the instrument lies in the combination of used materials, build quality and the personality of the luthier.


Personal contact

Good, open communication between guitarist and luthier will lead to an instrument that is guaranteed to give you years of playing joy


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