Resonator repair and setup

Resonator repair and setup

The repair and maintenance of a resonator guitar requires specific knowledge

Resonator repair and setup

I have always been fascinated by the sound of the slide guitar, in particular when played on a resonator or ’Dobro”, as it is commonly known. Playing slide guitar is like playing fretless, the correct tone is defined by the player. The instrument is a story by itself, developed in the beginning of the 20th century in order to achieve more volume by using an internal aluminum cone and an instrument made of brass, steel or wood. The Resonator has a very particular sound and is often used in blues (National) or country (Dobro) music.

Setting up a resonator guitar requiers a vast background knowledge concerning construction, materials used and playing style. Through the years I've owned and worked on vintage and new guitars and, thus, gained a lot of experience.

maintenance and repair of a resonator

Maintening and repairing resonator guitars calls for specific knowledge. Not only the materials differ from normal guitars but construction is very different as well. The quality of the sound is strongly determined by the setup and the used materials. Furthermore a strong knowledge of cones, sadlle materials and constructionmethodes is needed. I gained experience in all types and models, vintage and new.

Resonator repair and setup

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